100 Objects Project #15: The Remembrance Ring

2014-09-19 14.42.24This ring I had made when it approached the birthday of Lucy and Bryonie, a few years ago. I try and do something constructive to remember them by and one year, this was it.

It’s sterling silver and their names stamped in either side of their birthstone (or a close approximation of it, it’s cubic zirconia I believe, as their actual birthstone is diamond and I can’t afford that).

It lives on the middle finger of my right hand and I never take it off. It is a permanent fixture.

It’s monetary worth is zilch, but its sentimental value is huge. It brings me a little chink of comfort to be able to see their names and it is also a reminder to everyone else who sees it – my babies are always loved and will NEVER be forgotten.

I’ve been complimented on it an awful lot, which I’m proud of. It is almost like someone complimenting my babies themselves and that is truly heart-warming.

I know of a lot of angel parents have remembrance jewellery or even tattoos, but this is just right for me and my precious angels.

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  1. Laura says:

    What a lovely reminder. ❤

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