Looks Like We Made It


Twelve years ago today, a boy sat on a worn green bench in a bar and turned to the girl with a broken heart sat next to him.

He promptly snogged her face off.

Without warning and without preamble, he just got stuck in.

The girl had wanted him to, but at the same time wished he hadn’t. The girl was heartbroken – convinced that the only lips that would ever touch hers ever again, would have been the boy who had broken her heart just over a month before.

So, she took a chance.

She quickly decided to put aside her misery and her despair and just abandon herself to the possibility of joy and of love. Her charred soul needed a balm and in the kind, warm and beautiful soul of the boy who had just kissed her, she knew she could find renewal.

The pain was still inside her, despite how her head swam and her legs jellified with the kiss. Yet, it numbed it all somehow. It swept it aside, tucked it up into a neat pile with a post-it left idly on it with the scribble “To Do” stuck on.

He put his huge, heavy and reassuring arm around her shoulders and picked up his pint of bitter. A Yorkshireman through and through. Got me bird and me beer. Sorted.

It meant so much for her though. So, so much more.

She had not experienced gentleness and kindness, genuinely meant. For her, it was diving into a beautiful, mysterious pool from the top of a mountain. She was plunging down into the cool, clear depths not knowing if she’d survive it – and she loved it.


A boy sat next to a girl in a bar twelve years ago today and without knowing it, they were to change each other’s lives completely and unrecognisably. Without knowing, they were weaving around each other as vines would. Mingling and wrapping their delicate leaves and their strong branches around one another to make an entity so resilient, it could and would survive any storm.

But twelve years ago today, they were just a boy and a girl, at the start of their lives, cuddling up in a bar. Daring to dream of what could lie ahead of them, if they decided to travel together in life.

What a beautiful world it looked to be and what a beautiful world it became…

And the girl loved the boy even more than life.

And the boy loved the girl, so he made her his wife.


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