Poem: Healing


The soothing strangeness of feeling

The silken notion of healing

Pouring deftly into a charred soul

Renewal of light, no night like coal.


Quieted symphony

Joy and harmony



No more you

Can’t hurt me now

The scar is healing


Warming replenishment from biting cold

Bring in the new world; extinguish the old

I have a future I can touch

Your cruelty now won’t hurt me much

A mistake I can now rectify

I the one you wanted to crucify


Stillness of heart

Now we’re apart

I’m healing without you here

No more living in fear.



No more you

I can breathe clean air now

Confinement has dissipated


Spread my arms and am free

The way I always wanted to be


Sceptical, told new love was a healer

Now I’m a disciple and a believer.


24 February 2004


Just a jumble of words that made sense at the time for me. I just wanted to take a bit of a sigh, poetically, to celebrate the freedom I had to live in a better, happier situation than the one I had been in.

Open to interpretation, make of it as you will.

Cat x



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