Happy Voting


The UK general election marches onwards towards its end date and the streets are alive with colourful Party banners, shouting out slogans and dripping with promises.

Insincere smiles beam out at you from uncomfortable looking people in suits.

Loud halers squawk from slow passing cars and vans, all bedecked in logo’s and swathed in affiliation colours.

It reminds me of the first time I voted.

It was the first summer after I turned 18 and I was a fickle voter. By that I mean, I had no political inclinations or passions. I was a live-and-let-live sort of a girl.

I loved the part of my home town that I came from, but as to the management of it and other such things? They were not necessarily what wason my mind. Generally, passing my A-Levels, getting into Uni and being with the boy I was dating were vastly more interesting to me. Oh, how times have change and how I have changed.

So, how did I vote? I voted Liberal Democrat. Why? Because the candidate was someone I had known all my life and, more importantly, she was the mother of my boyfriend.

Did I even care if she was good at the job? No. I had no idea at all if she was good at it – besides, I didn’t even really know or care about what the job in question was meant to be.

I even gave out leaflets for her campaign, again, because it meant I could tag along like the teenage love puppy I was, with my boyfriend.

Off I went to vote in the local community centre and popped my ‘x’ in the box for my boyfriend’s Mum, not caring about what that tick meant.

I think it was because I didn’t care about my community or country in the same way I do now, as a grown woman with lots of life-experience under my belt.

Now, that was the first and last time I voted Liberal Democrat. Since then, I have voted Labour, Conservative and occasionally, for an independent candidate. I’ve never voted outside of that.

I look more at policies and track record and how the things they promise will impact on me and my family personally. I work and have kids, so the decisions these people make affect everything from the healthcare we get to how much it costs me to put petrol in my car and how much money is in my wages. Important stuff.

At the age of 18, I was just a green, sparkly girl with not a care in the world. Now, I’m a world-weary, cynical and pragmatic woman.

Obviously, I’m not going to go into who is getting my vote, because I think that should be kept to oneself unless one wishes to influence others – which I don’t.

Happy voting,


Cat x


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