Writing Tip: Use Your Senses

Writing tip… It recently occurred to me when I write, that I’m constantly in touch with my senses. When describing somewhere or something, it is, I’ve found imperitive to consider the impact of the five traditional senses: touch, taste, sound, smell and vision. What did the air feel like? What did it smell of? Did… Continue reading Writing Tip: Use Your Senses


The Secret Me

There’s a bit in the film Titanic where the old lady version of Rose says “a woman’s heart is an ocean of secrets”. At least I think she did. It has been a long time since I saw that movie. I’ve always gone with that idea though. There are so many daily miseries, joys and… Continue reading The Secret Me


Looks Like We Made It

Twelve years ago today, a boy sat on a worn green bench in a bar and turned to the girl with a broken heart sat next to him. He promptly snogged her face off. Without warning and without preamble, he just got stuck in. The girl had wanted him to, but at the same time wished… Continue reading Looks Like We Made It

Short Story

Short Story: Hush Now

Warning: the theme and subject matter of this story may not be suitable for younger readers. Thank you. She was sitting behind a pile of books on early Romantic poetry, like a child in a fort. Other students milled about all quiet words and restrained giggles. It was programmed into all students – you obey… Continue reading Short Story: Hush Now


Happy Voting

The UK general election marches onwards towards its end date and the streets are alive with colourful Party banners, shouting out slogans and dripping with promises. Insincere smiles beam out at you from uncomfortable looking people in suits. Loud halers squawk from slow passing cars and vans, all bedecked in logo’s and swathed in affiliation… Continue reading Happy Voting

100 Objects Project

100 Objects Project #14: Quirky Dancing Couple Figurine

A mutual mate from Uni, named Kat, bought us this when we got married. Whenever I look at this object, I think of Kat. It is fun and quirky, just like her. Basically, Kat is an entire party trapped inside a person. She is delightful, beautifully crazy and stupidly wonderful and clever. Kat is a… Continue reading 100 Objects Project #14: Quirky Dancing Couple Figurine