Review: Avon Perfume ‘Luck’

Luck for her from Avon is a sweet, youthful scent
Luck for her from Avon is a sweet, youthful scent

Avon ‘Luck’ is a scent that takes me back. It is a nostalgic fragrance that reminds me of being 14 years old and utterly innocent in this big old bad world.

It reminds me of the Dewberry body spray we all bought at the time and of the Boots candyfloss flavoured lip gloss we all used to buy. Smelling sweet was a right of passage amongst my friends and I. I can only imagine though, that en masse, the corridors of my old High School must have been like a tarts handbag!

However, it’s fruity, sweet and girlie notes are not just for the young. I’m a 32 year old married Mum of 4 and frankly – I love it! When I’m worn out through doing all this grown up adult type stuff, it is nice to have something to remind me that not only am I not past it, but can remember fondly being a teenaged girl and feel a bit like one with this scent.

Boys were not remotely on the horizon for me when this fragrance was in vogue. Even when I got my first one when I was 16, I wasn’t looking for, nor remotely desperate for one. I think I just stumbled into meeting a lad and that was that, nature took its course.

LuckThis perfume is from that period before boys, but after you become self-aware and start shaving your legs, plucking your eyebrows and wearing mascara all of a sudden. You know you are on that cusp of womanhood, whatever that meant, so you slowly altered yourself accordingly.

This a lovely, warm scent that almost sums up everything from that period. The day after you put your dolls down and the day before you go on a date.

All this from a perfume? Why yes indeedy.

It retails for less than £20 (I got mine at the offer price of £9) and comes in a square 50ml glass bottle, the design of which I’m not a fan of. It is great value though, as someone who is a fan of Avon in general and as someone who shops on a tight budget. For Christmas, I was bought an extra bottle, the body lotion and body spray to match, so many options here to smell lovely.

There is also a ‘for him’ version too, in case you fancy treating the man in your life. I haven’t experienced this version, so I can’t comment, but it’s out there.

Highly recommended and a fave to sprits on for work or play for me.

Avon is an online or representative to your door with a brochure way of shopping I think we’ve all heard of. I buy my Avon from my mother in law who has been selling it since time began, but you can get yours on the web if you don’t have a rep.

Cat xx


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