100 Objects Project #13: The Nodding Turtle

The little nodding turtle
The little nodding turtle

This little fella, is a companion to my little brown owl. He arrived about the same time as I recall, and was a gift from my Dad from when he came home from holiday one summer.

He has sat there on top of big old computer screens from back in the day and now sits on my riser at work.

He just makes me smile. Who doesn’t feel a bit better about seeing a little nodding turtle?

He is a tongue in cheek reference to my penchant for nodding dogs when first began driving my own car. I had a veritable little of nodding dogs sliding around my dashboard, complete with pink fluffy dice. I was 18 though!

I think that, as I got him when I went to University and had to give my car back, it was a nice reminder of my crazy early days as a driver.


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