A Blessed First

It’s said that the little things in life can be the most important. This is true at times, especially as I experienced a rather blessed first the other day – which I feel so amazed by, I have to share. I took my now toddling and very determined baby to pick her sister up from… Continue reading A Blessed First


Review: Avon Perfume ‘Luck’

Avon ‘Luck’ is a scent that takes me back. It is a nostalgic fragrance that reminds me of being 14 years old and utterly innocent in this big old bad world. It reminds me of the Dewberry body spray we all bought at the time and of the Boots candyfloss flavoured lip gloss we all… Continue reading Review: Avon Perfume ‘Luck’


Just Another Day Without You…

Someone recently told me that, when you become recently bereaved, you are reminded of all of the other bereavements you have already had. Those long ago forgotten bits of hell you have (or have not) come to terms with from before, all come flooding back. There is also this horrible fear that you get. The… Continue reading Just Another Day Without You…

Short Story

Short Story: The Anglerfish’s Pretty Light

WARNING: This story may not be suitable for younger readers as it contains adult themes and adult language. You have been warned. The Anglerfish's Pretty Light ~ A Short Story “Beech!” he cried, whisking her up off her feet and whirling her round. She hadn’t expected it at all, but his mood had been rather… Continue reading Short Story: The Anglerfish’s Pretty Light


My Journey… So Far

As a parent, you watch your child change constantly. You see the world that is them go from prehistoric to medieval to the modern era. They evolve so much, that you can’t quite see it sometimes, not without getting out the photos and looking through them. Eventually though, you come to the realisation that you… Continue reading My Journey… So Far

100 Objects Project

100 Objects Project #13: The Nodding Turtle

This little fella, is a companion to my little brown owl. He arrived about the same time as I recall, and was a gift from my Dad from when he came home from holiday one summer. He has sat there on top of big old computer screens from back in the day and now sits… Continue reading 100 Objects Project #13: The Nodding Turtle

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Lucy & Bryonie’s Story

It is my eldest daughters 8th Birthday today in heaven. They passed away in April and May 2007. Not a moment goes by when we do not love them, miss them or want them. They are everything, just like their two little rainbow sisters. This was written in 2007, just after my eldest daughter passed… Continue reading Lucy & Bryonie’s Story