100 Objects Project #12: Cinema Ticket Stubs

Cinema Ticket Stubs for 'Brave'.
Cinema Ticket Stubs for ‘Brave’.

These are cinema ticket stubs for a showing of Disney’s Brave in August 2012, at a cinema in Leeds.

What is important about these is that this was the first time we took Daisy to the cinema. We felt by that as she was nearly four, she’d be okay to sit through a film with a minimum amount of fidgeting and trips to the loo.

She wore a bright pink flamenco dress that one of her grandparents had brought home from their holidays. She likes to dress for the occasion does my Daisy Do.

It was a really good film, the sort you want to buy when it comes out and we do have it on DVD, even though it’s on Netflix at the moment. However, it is not due to its animation or story – it is what it reminds me of.

When I take my youngest to the cinema for her first film, I will keep the stubs for that too. Babies grow up too quick, so it’s very important to whip up every reminder of a time when they were tiny. We only get one bash at childhood and it is so important to remember it.

It is also a quirky reminder of the fact that I can’t see 3D films (I have eyes best described by an Optician I once saw as “coming from different boxes”).

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