I’m Sorry, But I Can’t Remember What You Got My Child!

I am extremely grateful for everything my daughters get from doting family and friends. It is great to know that they thought of my girls and that means a lot when you are a Mum.

However… there is this one aspect that bothers me: remembering who bought them what.

The last time this happened to me, was when my sister in law pointed out that a dress my baby was wearing looked like one she had bought her for her birthday, and asked me what colour the dress was that she’d got her and if I agreed with the similarity.

I balked. I had no idea. My daughter has piles of clothes and to be honest, I have absolutely no idea who bought her what. However, you are expected as the parent, to have a catalogue in your head of who bought what, when and every fine detail of said gift.

I have so much going on in my head as a Mum/wife/human being that simply won’t allow me to remember what the heck someone bought and when.

It can be so embarrassing!

Sometimes, people will ask where I got something from, or who bought my kids what… again – I have no idea. When the wrapping paper has come off, with the tag attached, your guess is as good as mine.

Some people like the pay off of asking “aww, did [relevant child’s name] enjoy [the thing they bought them]?” and you have to remember by whizzing through your short term memory, everything your child has played with recently.

Or if you get asked what so-and-so bought your child – another instance where I generally cannot remember. I also get the “isn’t that what I/such-a-body bought them?” and you have to be all “umm, yeah”, with no idea if it is true.

I’m not saying they get outrageous amounts of stuff, although it can seem that way at times, but I just don’t have a memory of every solitary thing they own. There isn’t enough room in my head to make that possible.

It is really embarrassing to be honest. It makes me look feckless, forgetful and ungrateful. You’re spinning enough plates as it is when you are a parent, without another added pressure like this.

So, if I haven’t remembered what you bought my babies, forgot to thank you or not remembered in photographic detail the item or my kids reaction to receiving it in minute details – I’m sorry. We are always very grateful for everything we get and thank you. However, please take into account that I am a human being with a terrible short term memory and I just simply cannot remember every single thing ever purchased for my children, including what I get them.

Ultimately though, I appreciate how lucky I am to even have this as a concern in life, some kids don’t get a thing.

Cat x

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