100 Objects Project #10: Cheeky Shot Glass

A shot glass from my 18th birthday
A shot glass from my 18th birthday

This cheeky little shot glass was a present for my 18th birthday from a friend from 6th form, Nicky.

I do not remember most of my 18th birthday; all I was told was that my Dad carried me to bed, I fell off the loo and my Aunt did some sick mopping up. The hangover the next day was frankly horrendous and definitely the worst one I’ve ever had in my life. My Dad made me go out and wash my car (which I still couldn’t drive, as I passed my test six days later) and I was sooo hung-over I couldn’t stand up straight! Just being young and dumb I suppose.

This little opaque glass just reminds me of that time and the people who I knew back then. It has had a place on a shelf, desk or window ledge in every place I’ve lived since 2000.

I don’t know Nicky anymore, or what became of her, we lost touch when I went to University.

I’ll always remember her and that bit of my life whenever I look at that glass.

Wherever she is and whatever she is doing with life, I hope everything is well and good.

Cat x

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