Blog Changes, Wobbly Teeth, Tantrums, Darts & Sickness


I hope you are all doing great, feeling great and looking forward to what’s to come for the rest of the 2015. There is indeed, plenty to come and plenty of room and time to change things up a bit.

With this in mind, my blog will (hopefully) be changing too. This is a personal challenge for me more than anything.

I’m going to be writing about the things I like, rather than just random updates on my frustratingly slow churning life as a writer. Why not write… about stuff that isn’t writing? Well why not? Nowt stopping me.

I intend on reviewing things I’ve seen, places I’ve been, books I’ve read, items I love as well as giving recommendations on stuff that you might like too. Not in an irritating way either. This is, of course, my blog and will reflect me. As you are you, I won’t therefore expect you to like the same things as me. However, on the off chance that you might, there will be my reviews and recommendations to go off. I will be as honest as possible – so I will be looking at the positives of things, as well as any negatives.

I hope to interview people who I think are interesting and have something genuinely great to show/give the world. There will be NO blatant advertising. I am happy to point my readers in the direction of the things I feature,so they can find out more if they fancy it, but I will not pressure or expect et cetera,

Life Behind the Blog

New year, new term and my big girl was desperate to get back to school to run riot with her friends. Before Christmas we had some drama, in that she got dumped by her latest boyfriend, but she assured me she “dumped him right back”. I don’t think, thankfully, she knows how it works yet, but… good! I told her I used to go out with a boy from my primary school class when I was a teenager and it wasn’t very pleasant and that above all – SHE IS SIX!!! I’ve told her that she shouldn’t be having boyfriends at that age! When they say ‘they grow up quickly these days’…

She is also losing her teeth, which is a good thing and a bad thing. For her, it is a worthwhile toil – the pain of losing her teeth means gaining the playground kudos of having a gap or wobbly tooth to show off to her friends, as well as a real actual fairy visiting her at night and leaving money.

For us, yet another sign that our beautiful, terrifyingly clever, talented, creative and utterly bonkers baby Daisy is getting older. She’s now just shy of the average height of a 10 year old. I may end up with a strapping six-footer by the time she finishes growing at nineteen!

The baby is also growing at a rate of knots. Not in height, I think she’s cursed to be a shorty like me, but in terms of development.

Her favourite thing to say at the moment is “ooh, what is daaaaaat?” with an expectant finger pointed at said object. She has just started with the chuck-myself-full-on-floor-and-kick-and-scream tantrums of the toddler years, as well as the “mine” stage.

My husband is doing well, especially as Scott Mitchell has just won the BDO World Championship for 2015 (darts). Personally, I was rooting for Martin ‘Wolfie’ Adams winning it a fifth time… But we can’t have everything. Fantastic game though.

As for me? Struggling with my crappy health. Hoping it will get better soon. Hoping I’ll nail this thing, but I’ve lived with it since I was about nine, so I just have to keep on fighting and not think of the battles I’ve lost, but of the war I hope I’m winning. I’m stuck with this illness for the rest of my life, which is fairly rotten really, but obviously just the way I was built.

I do have the best husband in the world, who loves me and looks after me, even when it’s really horrible or frustrating for him too. He treats me with gentle kindness and respect when I need it and does everything he can to make sure I’m thriving and surviving.

When we first met, I was having and incredibly tough time with this darn illness. He could have walked away, especially when he saw how bad things could get with it (I’ve never ever been that bad since – he is more than a good luck charm!). Instead of running off in the opposite direction, he decided he was going to stay with this strange, sick and sad young woman and see how things went.

Nearly 12 years later, I can say things went pretty darn well.

Anyway.. I’ve done one of those awfully meandering blogs, full of irreverent verbosity that doth bore the reader.

Hope you are doing well and thank you very much for dropping by.

Cat x


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