Twitter Recommendation: The Hilarious @GalacticKeegan


I’ve been doing the whole Twitter thing for a few years now and I have a bit of an on/off love affair with it.

I would describe myself as a ‘binge tweeter’, in that I won’t look at it for ages and then tweet about a hundred things in an hour, then not look at Twitter for ages again.

The thing that makes Twitter worth keeping as an app on my phone and a line on my favourites list, are the comedy Twitter accounts. Yes, there are news, information feeds and even real actual people I know and everything, but the lighter side of life can be accessed just as easily.

My current favourite comedy/parody account, is @GalacticKeegan.

It essentially follows the interstellar career of former footballer and football manager Kevin Keegan, as a football academy manager and probably unwilling intergalactic mediator/action man/ mayor.

Set a full five years in the future, you follow the hilarious ups and downs of his life on another planet, all the while ensuring his love of the beautiful game never dies. Or anyone nearby, preferably himself and at the moment, Gerry Francis.

Now, I don’t really follow football too much, outside of my own team (Bradford City FC) and that of my families (Liverpool & Everton), so some of the references are are bit beyond me, but not that many. A lot of the time, I have to turn to my football-historian husband and ask him who suchabody is, read out the tweet, and he is left sniggering away, as am I.

However – you do not need to understand the first thing about football in order to get this Twitter feed. They are utterly hilarious regardless of your level of football knowledge.

Scott Innes, the comedy genius behind this account, is a real find. Why he hasn’t been snapped up by a production company or publisher by now, I’ll never know. His sense of character (he nails Keegan), irony, word play, football, fun and simple pure imagination sets this account apart.

Another glorious thing about this feed, is the fact that there is a real sense of story. It is set in a spacey future, which Innes doesn’t marginalise as a gimmick. In fact, he charges full-pelt down the pitch with it and drives it to the back of the net.

One fan was retweeted by him, noting that it wouldn’t be long before rival gangs of geeks would start arguing over what is canon, in reference to sci-fi fans of long running shows such as Star Trek and Doctor Who.

It is engaging, popular and worth a look.

Here are a few examples of the wonderfulness that is @GalacticKeegan:


galactickeegan2 - Copy





If you want to catch up with what the jingo has been jolly well going on, then the recap and brief is available HERE.

And… to top it off, King Kev himself has even read out a few of these wonderfully funny tweets too, have a look at the video HERE.

Now, if you don’t mind, I’m off to catch up with life at the compound and see if Gerry was handed over to appease the alien overlords…

Cat x

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