Happy New Year & The Inevitable Resolutions

First of all, happy new year!

I hope your Christmas or whichever seasonal holiday you celebrated was warm, wonderful and welcome.

With the start of a new year, brings along the start of a new chapter. Each year is the opportunity to start another story and you should embrace it and make it the best story ever.

Everyone probably thinks of new years resolutions; I personally challenge myself with a couple and never really pay them much heed. Why bother? The only person I am trying to prove something to is myself when all is said and done, and do I need to prove anything right now?

I suppose there is indeed always room for improvement and always room for challenging yourself to think and behave better – or find a brighter way of being.

Last year, I managed to do a few things I wanted to do: go to Haworth a few times, get my girls to some milestones, go on a couple of date nights with my husband, take better care of my health and be a bit kinder on myself whilst I was at it, too.

I also want to write more this year. I didn’t seem to get the chance last year, because I think I was just too busy and too poorly intermittently to get time to sit and write.

I know people harp on about ‘finding time’ to do things and that it is merely a perceived fallacy. For me, it just means I have had greater priorities vying for my time and attention: my kids, husband, family, friends, job, house and so on. You also do not just ‘sit down and write’. Not in my experience.

At the very least, you have to be able to sit there and re-read what you wrote previously or think/plan what you are doing next. It’s all very well starting off by just sitting and down and letting your fingers free over the keyboard, but if you are continuing that story you started earlier, you are still going to have to have a re-read and then carry on. It all takes time and I just do not have it.

I’m hoping that my time will be used a little better this year and I will be able to sort through everything I need to write. No-one should die with a story unwritten inside of them, as they say.

I have some brilliant blog posts I want to do – I have even been on field trips and gathered up pictures and info straight from the source too… but again, I just need the time.

The time I’m taking to do this one blog, I have only found after my kids are fed and in bed and my husband is having his tea after being at work all day. There is a ma-hoosive pile of ironing to do and the washing up from earlier. Just a couple of bits to name but a few.

My resolutions then for 2015…

Make my children and husband proud to be mine and me theirs

Be the best version of me possible


Be healthy

Be happy

Be kinder

Love harder

Remember I’m strong

Stop feeling so haunted

Stop being so hard on myself

Knit more!

Read more

Blog more!

Remember to put my face cream on every day/night

Plait my hair at night

Remove shellac nail varnish with acetone and to not pick it off

Get back to Whitby

Buy Christmas presents as early as possible

Have more girlie nights with my daughters and with my friends

Ring family more often

Stay off Social Media as much as possible – it’s a depressant most of the time

Fight for myself more

Eat more spicy food

Drink more tea

Take more photographs, I’m not that bad at that photography lark!

Visit more historical places, like castles and ruins

Wear inappropriately formal dresses round the house to give them a day in the sun

Go to the half price sale for silverland in Haworth! I could spend a mortgage in there.

Learn a new recipe each month

Finish my MOS qualifications

Drink more water

Walk more on the moors

Sell the house

Iron more at the weekends

Write in my diary more often

Have one of Thomas’ atomic hot chocolates more often when I feel rubbish

Watch the films and TV series I want to actually watch

Get the flu jab and monitor my asthma better

Visit all of my grandparents graves in St Helens and Burtonwood

Worry less about others who don’t care about me

Eat breakfast and eat more in general

Be Catherine Mercer and 🙂

Well, I hope that list of meandering wotsits helps you remember any of yours. I’m not hopeful with some of them, but I’ve not come up with the usual ‘lose weight’, ‘climb mount Kilimanjaro’ kinda shizzle people put down and never do.

Just being kinder to myself is probably the main gist.

Thank you for taking to time to take in my randomess fair ones.

Happy New Year once again!

Cat x




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