100 Objects Project

100 Objects Project #10: Cheeky Shot Glass

This cheeky little shot glass was a present for my 18th birthday from a friend from 6th form, Nicky. I do not remember most of my 18th birthday; all I was told was that my Dad carried me to bed, I fell off the loo and my Aunt did some sick mopping up. The hangover… Continue reading 100 Objects Project #10: Cheeky Shot Glass


You Build Your Children’s Foundations

I am often want to say to my husband, that childhood is the foundation that we, as parents, lay down for our children. It is the base on top of which they will build the adult they will turn out to be. Your children will follow your example, not your advice. When they are adults,… Continue reading You Build Your Children’s Foundations


Blog Changes, Wobbly Teeth, Tantrums, Darts & Sickness

Hello, I hope you are all doing great, feeling great and looking forward to what's to come for the rest of the 2015. There is indeed, plenty to come and plenty of room and time to change things up a bit. With this in mind, my blog will (hopefully) be changing too. This is a… Continue reading Blog Changes, Wobbly Teeth, Tantrums, Darts & Sickness


Help Me Win A Photoshoot for Valentines Day for My Husband :)

Hello, Favour to ask, beautiful readers! Could you please click on this link HERE (goes to that Facebook) to click "like" on a picture of my husband & I? It is so we can win a photoshoot for Valentines Day. I just thought it would be something wonderful for my gorgeous husband to look forwards to… Continue reading Help Me Win A Photoshoot for Valentines Day for My Husband 🙂

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Twitter Recommendation: The Hilarious @GalacticKeegan

I’ve been doing the whole Twitter thing for a few years now and I have a bit of an on/off love affair with it. I would describe myself as a ‘binge tweeter’, in that I won’t look at it for ages and then tweet about a hundred things in an hour, then not look at… Continue reading Twitter Recommendation: The Hilarious @GalacticKeegan

Short Story

Short Story: The Exploding Bedroom

The room exploded. Pens, dirty clothes, CD’s, a chair, bedding - all shot about in a whirlwind of rage. At the centre of it, a malevolent entity, filled with such a damning ferocity that it made the blood from her head drain into her feet. Her back was to the wall and only after he… Continue reading Short Story: The Exploding Bedroom