Celebrate All Happiness – Don’t Deny a Moment of it

Every so often I’ll see a message out there in the electronic world that criticizes people for shoving their “happiness” or their “aren’t I doing so well” in others faces.

My personal view on it is simple: good on them – crack on as is.

For every Facebook status you see were someone is saying how well stuff is going or how happy or in love they are – I like to believe that the person posting it is sharing something special and worthwhile and I’m happy for them and nothing more.

You, sat there behind your keyboard, have no comprehension of the inner workings of the person who wrote that status or who posted that lovey-dovey photo. You have no idea what hell they could have gone through – or are going through – to win the joy they now currently have. You have no idea what misery or turmoil someone has had to deal with in order to think to themselves that they want to share this hard won victory with the world.

There is so much darkness and gloom in the world, so why begrudge those who want to point out the happiness they have in their lives? Why should our news and our social feeds be nothing but woe and horror? Why can’t we just go “do you know what?  I have the best guy/girl by my side and life is good”. Why can’t we just be happy for ourselves and be happy for others?

The cynical reply with how we’re cherry picking our life’s best bits and flaunting ourselves bereft of dignity, to show off.

I say, pipe down and go do a crossword. Stop telling people not to be happy and invalidating joy.

If people, conversely, are miserable or having a shit time – that is fine too. If you want to share, then share whatever is in your heart, but do not think you are in the God given position to sit and judge others and decree that you know what is okay and what is not to share in terms of measuring joy or sorrow.

Personally speaking, I have fought extremely long and extremely hard for the love, joy and happiness in my life. Nothing I have in my life was simply handed to me – I fought. I made decisions to fight, to grow, to move forwards and to develop. I could have been bitter, angry or twisted up, but I chose to adapt, rejoice and learn.

I want to shout from the rooftops and the only people I wish to thumb my nose at are the doubters who told me I was worthless and pathetic and unworthy of love or light. Also, those you tried to actively deny me my present joy or peace.

I do not believe in ‘fate’ or this nonsense that things ‘happen for a reason’ (I have irrefutable proof that that is hogwash), however, the fate I have carved out for myself was hard won and against all odds and all adversity, yet I have won it.

If I am happy, loved up and brave – believe one thing if nothing else, it was not always the case. You have not seen my years of wretchedness or pain, you have no idea of the magnitude of the journey I have undertaken to get where I am.

Therefore, I respect those who shout for joy too. For all I know, they too have had a bloody hard time of it and now they have it in their hands after such a long time out in the cold – they want to talk about it too. Good on them. How is that in any possible way wrong?

Stop being miserable, cynical and judgemental of others who you deem to be ‘too happy’ or ‘too dramatic’. You have no idea what the terrain of their lives or hearts is, nor can you use yourself as a template to judge others by.

Live and let live and if you don’t like it, scroll past it and get on with your own life.

Let there be more joy and warmth in this dark, terrible world.

Life is terminally too short so carpe diem.

Cat x


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