100 Objects Project #8: Glass Seahorse Ornament

I received this odd glass ornament for my 10th birthday from my Granddad Jack. I can’t say I was desperately impressed to receive this as a 10 year old girl! I just didn’t quite get why I’d want to look at dead sea creatures, encased in glass… it just seemed a bit unfair on the poor seahorses!

My Glass Encased Seahorses
My Glass Encased Seahorses


I was very much into animals as a kid. I had lots of pets: cats, dogs, fish, parrots and gerbils. I loved the idea of something loving me and me loving them unconditionally I think. I think that is why I loved animals so much. So the idea of cruelty or death was abhorrent to me then.

So this ornament seemed… a bit mean? If you know what I mean.

My granddad bought me this from Earlestown market (St Helens), where he bought 99% of the knick-knacks in his house. He would love finding things and buy them, convinced it was some sort of random, lost treasure. This was probably one of those treasures he felt he’d spied and decided to bestow on his little, smiley, blonde granddaughter.

Over the years, I’ve come to kind of like it though. It reminds me of my lovely, wonderful and slightly eccentric grandfather. Why he got me this, I’ll never quite understand, but it is a bright little shard of him and represents him thinking about me, his eldest granddaughter and for that, I am truly thankful.



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