100 Object Project #7: The Rabbit Mug

You know how you get people who get really precious about which mug they drink from? Especially at home or at work? I’m one of those people. Not strictly speaking or anything. I obviously can and will drink out of any (clean) mug, but I do have a favourite. My rabbit mug.

My lovely china rabbit mug.
My lovely china rabbit mug.

My favourite animals are rabbits. This stems from the fact I used to have a house rabbit called Binky when Thomas and I first moved in together. In fact, I had her for a couple of weeks before we even moved in together – There was something of a menagerie in my room in halls at University before I left.

Compared though to a worryingly large amount of other students who kept snakes and their live food in their rooms, my pet was nothing!

I loved my gorgeous hand-reared rabbit Binky like a baby. She was so mischievous and so clever.

This therefore meant that anything rabbit related I bought – including this very mug which I spied on a day out to York with Thomas – got bought. I think I bought it around the time I got married, so maybe 2006.

It was on a market stall, as I recall, and we were on our way back to the park and ride (rookie error to try and park in York or Leeds!) when I saw it. I just kind of loved it right away. I mean, it had rabbits on!

I only actually got into drinking tea and coffee when I was in my early twenties, so this mug ties in with that. I think I got to the point where I accepted that caffeine was the way forward in the world of post-graduate work and it has been ever since! Of course, apart from when I was pregnant. I stuck to decaf then.

It reminds me of a lovely day out in a gorgeous, ancient city and being with my best friend/ husband. It reminds me of Binky, my beautiful lop-eared dwarf rabbit that I used to have. It reminds me of being at work and the trials and tribulations that that brings with it. It reminds me of a lot of things that make me smile.

Tea and coffee out of your favourite mug really does taste better.

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