Poem: Stars Abide

Hello lovely readers,

One of my poems from yesteryear for your ponderation.


Stars Abide

How do the stars abide?

To glow with her not by their side

and glow in that wondrous way

that brightens up the Milky Way.


With her smile of endless love

she brings joy to the heavens above.

So she dances through day and night,

always the bringer of endless light.

Gods own creation the flowers adore,

to move the world forever more.


2nd April 2004

This poem is very much about a person, a particularly gorgeous human being indeed, my baby sister.

She was about six when this was written. She was such a darling, beautiful little girl (and now a beautiful young woman) and I just had to project all that in this poem.

It reads a bit twee and a bit clichéd, but that is a considered and deployed device. All the sweet things written in sing-song nursery rhymes is what she is and so much more.

The imagery connects her to nature and the almighty to exalt her almost angelic, natural and otherworldly goodness.

My little sister is such a sweetheart and instead of writing about serious or angsty stuff like I was back then, I actually found myself writing about something very soothing to the soul in its almost syrupy charm. Love this poem.

Cat x


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