100 Objects Project

100 Objects Project #4: The Little Brown Owl

This little guy was bought for me by my Dad when he was on holiday, around 2000. My Dad doesn’t buy me anything when he’s on holiday now I’m a grown up, so this was a lovely little treat for me really.

My Little Brown Owl, always watching over me :)
My Little Brown Owl, always watching over me 🙂

It is also part of a tradition that has been going on between me and him since I was about nine years old.


When I was on Pack Holiday with the Brownies, I bought my Dad a little brown owl sat on top of a little brown pebble.


My Dad is a driving instructor and has always had that same little brown owl in every driving school car he has had ever since. Every time I’m away now, I always try and find a little owl to buy him. It’s surprisingly hard to find little owl ornaments and I have had varying degrees of success with this over the years. It’s just a lovely tradition really. I’ve bought him owls from the top of the Great Orme in Wales and from Oban in Scotland. I have been everywhere and bought him little owls, which he places on a shelf in his home office, no doubt cursing me because they are fiddly to dust.


This little guy sits on my computer at work, where he has been over the past ten years of my post-graduate working life. Before that, he was on top of my computer monitor all throughout Uni – watching over me as I worked… or dossed about in equal measure. He will continue to watch over me as I work for many years to come I hope and I will of course, keep looking out for little owls to buy my Dad.


I look at my little learned brown owl friend and think about my Dad, which is lovely. We don’t always see eye-to-eye, but I love the bones of him.



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