The Joy of Handwriting

I am a very big fan of the written word. Not the typed word, although I have a special love for that too, the actual physically written word. As a committed diarist, I find writing to be one of the most satisfying types of expression. Putting quill to parchment – there is not a thing… Continue reading The Joy of Handwriting

100 Objects Project

100 Objects Project #6: The Amber Earrings

These are my favourite pair of earrings. Not because they were bought by someone who at the time was special for a special reason, but because I just love them for how beautiful they are and what they represent to me. Their acquisition was a forced one, believe it or not. I saw them in… Continue reading 100 Objects Project #6: The Amber Earrings


Back to Work, Remembering Robin and Peace

Hello my beautiful readership, I’ve been back at work for a couple of weeks or so now… and I’m certainly missing my babies more than I can say. I was seconded before I left for maternity leave to work on a research project at the top level, so I’m back doing my original job, which… Continue reading Back to Work, Remembering Robin and Peace


Hearing Me Cry – Promote Yourself


Just a quick one to let you know that I have submitted a poem to the poetry blog ‘Poetree Creations’ and it got published in the ‘Promote Yourself’ section. How lovely! Here it is for you, all lovely and reblogged for you so you can have a look at it if you fancy.

I wrote it about Thomas.

Cat x


I felt trapped when I had only my pillow

to hear me cry and beg and scream to.

You unravel me in a gentle breeze by the sun

of my youth, to smooth away the scars

gained from a life of reckless loving.

I crease and fall and I’m weak, so small

to be smacked against life by life.

Below my crush depth – I cannot bear it, take it.

You find me, unfold me and give me your nook,

absorb my pain and take it away.

Breath into me, create me all and whole

Demystify my soul by the way you make me smile

You peel away the pain to bring your sun to

make me laugh  – and I laugh because you love me.


Cat Mercer

Twitter: @cat_mercer

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