Poem: There Was a Time

A jolly poem, I think, started as part of a poetry writing thing I went on at Uni. It took me a bit to finish it. It is meant to kind of reflect the romantic style of early nineteenth century poetry, or there abouts. It was an exercise, a doodle that turned into something pretty.

It was written with one of my muses in mind. In this case, my husband (at the time, my fiancé).

It always felt like I should have aimed at iambic pentameter when I was writing this, but I just couldn’t alter it. It would have unprettified it in my opinion. Yes, I just invented a new word.

No, I won’t apologise for the capitalization of words at the beginning of the lines, despite the run-on. Sometimes poems just simply need to look neat and this looks neat the way it is. So basically, :p

Besides, I like saying things with “t’was” and “tis” in general. I think in a past life I used these words regularly.

There Was a Time

There was a time when time mattered not

When the sky was not blue and the sun not hot

There was a time when the grass was dull

And the flowers were dark and my heart not full

Then my blundering heart did one day see

A truly amazing thing – t’was thee!

You drained away my colourless skies

Replaced them all with endless highs

And bright blue happiness and wide eyed love

With solace in your stars above

You wrapped me up and took me away

From darkest pain and darkest day


You smiled way my deep held pain

And took me dancing in the rain.


3rd July 2005

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it.

Cat x


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