Poem: Shut Up

Another poem for you to have a wee look over.

Now, this one is a tad forceful – which is what it is designed to be.

Shut Up

Shut up

Damn you


I buried you

I have to lie.

I’m wrapped

Up in damned


To all around

And I retreat.

Shut up

I feel you

Hurting fast

Hold on to the

Edges but the

Pain will out last


And all your life

You’ll see me

As I’ll see you

In a darkened

Mirror of IF.


Burn me hot

Burn me fast

Love is dead

It cannot last


9th March 2004

I have said that for some of my poems I will leave for you to decide what it is about, but due to the strong sentiment here, I will interject somewhat.

This is essentially me dealing with emotions within me that I was fed up of dealing with and wanted to basically sod off and stop crossing my mind.

There is a use of personal pronoun with the whole “you” thing. It is not about a person. It is about a way of thinking, a way of feeling being personified rather. It underlines my determination to be rid of the chains of an unhappy past and my eagerness to embrace my new present, whilst still retaining some of that sense of trauma.

The presence of the capital letter at the start of each line, despite them being a run on each other, is just to punch in each line. It is to sharpen the sense of passion behind these words.

I remember writing this during period in my life when I was experiencing a lot of turmoil and sadness. One chapter had closed and another had opened, yet there was a niggling feeling of annoyance almost that the unhappiness from the previous chapter was still dogging me.

As I am want to say though, I am not a robot. I have feelings and am incapable of just throwing a switch and off they go into instant nothingness. This is a poem dealing with the receding tide of feelings regarding said closed chapter

I hope you enjoyed.

Cat x



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