The Last Hurrah

Over the past few days, I have been concentrating on getting myself ready to get back to work. I’ve been away for nine months of maternity leave and one month of annual leave (I could either take the annual leave at the beginning of my maternity leave, or lose it).   With this in mind,… Continue reading The Last Hurrah


Poem: There Was a Time

A jolly poem, I think, started as part of a poetry writing thing I went on at Uni. It took me a bit to finish it. It is meant to kind of reflect the romantic style of early nineteenth century poetry, or there abouts. It was an exercise, a doodle that turned into something pretty.… Continue reading Poem: There Was a Time


My Bronte Adventure

The other day, I made my semi regular pilgrimage to the seat of, as far as I’m concerned, the greatest literary minds in the history of the English language: The Bronte’s home village of Haworth. I’m closing in on the very end of my maternity leave which, with other factors thrown in there, has depressed… Continue reading My Bronte Adventure

100 Objects Project

100 Objects Project #3: The 5th Diary

This item is a bit of a cheat. It should have technically come under the first item in the series, but the thing is, I lost it. It gets its own entry because I am so goddamn relieved to have found it! This is my fifth diary which looked at my late teens between December… Continue reading 100 Objects Project #3: The 5th Diary


A Decade Since I Graduated…

This month, July 2014, marks exactly ten years since I graduated. I remember the day I received my degree results. I was working as a temp for a joinery company in Keighley in Yorkshire and I dashed home during my lunch to see if the postman had been (these were the days before reliable online… Continue reading A Decade Since I Graduated…