100 Object Project: #2 The First Ever DVD


Welcome back to my 100 Object series!

The first DVD I ever bought: Love Ya Back
The first DVD I ever bought: Love Ya Back

Object number two in this series, is the first ever DVD I bought: Love Ya Back.

I think I got this in the Autumn of 2001 to watch on my new PC that I got from my Dad for Uni. DVD’s were very expensive back then (especially on a students budget) and Video’s were still very much in vogue.

My new PC had a DVD player on it (squee!) and was therefore a technological marvel to me. So, when my favourite band, Fun Lovin Criminals, released a DVD with all their music video’s on, I had to get it.

I ordered it online, but I can’t remember where from. I just remember marvelling at it when it arrived and wondering if it would be the first of many, many DVD’s I’d buy.

Of course, it was. Annoyingly, I’d have re-buy all my old faves in a new format, which it looks like I’m going to have to do, again.

It just reminds me of a period in my life – that first year at Uni where I thought I knew exactly where my life would go and with whom. That place where I was engaging with new technology. That part of my life where I loved a particular band so much and I was young enough for it to be great and exciting.

It reminds me of being a young, vibrant girl, immersed in the things I loved back then.

I was so innocent and open to a world of possibility. I was nearing the very nexus point of my life and I had no idea that within two years my life would be unrecognisable. Soon, I would be in a place and with people I could never have imagined in a million years at the point I bought this DVD.

It’s funny how things work out, isn’t it?


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