My Writing Inspiration

Wow. What my gorgeous husband thinks about me in terms of his writing… Gawd ! Squee !


I guess most people would expect me to say some great writer who’s works I have studied and enjoyed for years, and in many ways you would be correct. In fact this authors latest work the Heroine of Crundle Lane Bridge is currently available for purchase on Itunes book store at 49p if you like me are very interested. Enough of the free plug down to my reasoning. 

I have to say I have enjoyed this budding authors work for the last 11 years. I started by reading their poetry and it moved me. You could feel the difficulty of some of her upbrining within the verses, and despite the fact my childhood was a happy one the works really brought me down to her level, and helped me feel what she felt in some small way. I read her poetry for a good 7 years before I was priviledged…

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