The 100 Objects Project


I’m going to start a series of blog posts on here about 100 different objects in my life that are important, inspirational and just frankly mean something to me.

Burglars – put your swag bags away – none of the things that will feature are worth a thing monetarily speaking. Seriously thieves, you are out to be disappointed here.

They are just going to be a range of inspirational and unique ‘things’ on show, complete with photo, explanation of what it is, where it came from and what it means to me.

These blogs will be in and among all the other blogs that I will be posting about my writing, parenting, ramblings and so on. So watch out for them! Come along this interesting journey with me via the knickknacks and oddities that make up my little world.

Hope you are all okay fair readers,

Cat x


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