Call Off the Search Party – I’m Still Alive

Hello… this is the first blog post of this year and since I had my baby.

Update On My Life

I signed off last time after something of a rant about people being pedantic about historical fiction and being incapable of realising it was FICTION they were watching, not a documentary. A few short weeks after that, I gave birth to my fourth and final baby, a gorgeous, perfect little girl.

My life is understandably upside down and inside out. Two kids, it turns out, is a lot of hard work.

My older daughter is now happily settled in at school and has about 12 best friends already.

Of course, my baby is absolutely thriving. So, as I have five minutes to myself, I thought I would logon and bash out a quick post and write generally about stuff and remind myself that I am indeed, rather selfishly, an adult woman who is capable of thinking. Although what comes out at the moment due to a gloopy mixture of baby brain and exhaustion might be terribly questionable.

We are having some work done on the house soon, so that will be interestingly disruptive. It is part of the grand plan of selling up. If only I could move to Whitby in North Yorkshire… just the most gorgeous place. God… what I could be inspired to write living THERE… If you’ve never been, GO. Do it at least once. The home of Dracula, Brenda and Effie. Oh lord, I feel a road trip there coming on for when my baby is a bit bigger. Probably via York on the way home. It would be nice to visit York and not be attending a conference, unlike last time I was there. It was a good conference though, especially as my alma mater where also delegates and showed up late – my thoughts were “typical” and it did make me giggle – in a wholesome, good-natured way. Ooh, and we need to buy my beautiful new baby her own lucky duck in her birth month colour!

Crikey, Virgina Woolf would have been proud of that stream of consciousness.


I’ve been tweeting and that is it. I’ve even given up on Facebook to an extent. No time for it. Other than this Blog post, which is the longest thing I have written in MONTHS. It even felt odd on my fingers when I depressed the keys. I will get back into writing in the next few months. Due to not writing, I have been left thinking about writing instead. That means I have plenty of ideas for Limebirds posts when I return there from Maternity Leave. In the meantime, please get over there and read what they are up to!

I’m desperate to get my hands on a couple of my old stories and develop them further because I have had some great ideas about story or how to refine the writing itself and ease the pacing issues I’ve had with one story. However, right now and for the forseeable, no time.


I have read one book in all this time. I think I read a book in August/ September (which I still need to review for Limebirds…) and the one I have just read was a romance novel. It even had one of those hilarious bodice ripping covers of scantily clad Regency period rakes and heroines. I LOVE those covers! So corny but so funny.

So yes, the only thing I read was a romance novel. It was part of a series of books by Julie Anne Long so it had a couple of familiar bits in as it was the second one in the series I’ve read. I love the romance genre as much as any and think it gets such a bad press. Yes, there are mucky bits (and as an exhausted new Mum, I couldn’t be less interested in them if I tried), but they are pretty much part and parcel of the novel to make it work. It’d be like Doctor Who without the TARDIS. It just wouldn’t be cricket.

On the reading and writing scene though – my daughter is top of her class at both. In the words of Kryten from Red Dwarf : “smug mode”.

Anyhoo, take care dear readers.



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