School, God & Hermit Crabs

Hello I’ve been posting some more personal, more rambling stuff recently, haven’t I? Is that a bad thing? I don’t think so. The problem is, with this public blogging about stuff, is that it is just that – public. It’s not like I can open up about my deepest and darkest on the interweb for… Continue reading School, God & Hermit Crabs



Hope is meant to be the last thing we have left in our armoury when all else has failed. However, hope without action is meaningless in my view. It’s like having a dream about becoming a concert pianist and never learning the piano. If you don’t do something about it, it is never going to… Continue reading Dreams


Amazon Worlds – A Step Forwards For Fan Fiction?

Limebird Writers

The world of fan fiction has been thrown a new bone in the onward slog to be recognised as perhaps more than a niche writing underworld.

Amazon Worlds, available only to the US for now, has been something of a breakthrough for those of us who love reading and writing fan fiction.

PD James’ ‘Death Comes To Pemberley’ is, in my mind, fan fiction at its absolute most public and accepted. Because it is written by a well-known author of some repute, it is easy to forget that what you’re reading is, in fact, fan fiction. So why not extend that in some way to more but unrecognised writers?

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If You Have Nothing Nice To Say…

The spot light on the recent death and rape threats received by a number prominent females on twitter and the rest of the social media sphere, has thrown up for me some self-reflection on the issue of freedom of speech. I’ve read a few messages on twitter to one of the women being harassed, saying… Continue reading If You Have Nothing Nice To Say…