Back! No, Really!


There has been a gap – and I apologise profusely dear readers.

I have been away with illness for some time, from both here and Limebird Writers. I wrote an article on there recently, explaining my musing on the fact that we writers types do occasionally have a want of a break from our writing. The upshot of which, is the terribly tiresome return to our quills and parchments and how difficult it can be to ruddy well get back into it.

On the other hand it presents a good challenge for us all to grapple with as writers and indeed, tests our tenacity for our vocation.

Personally, I find it something of a bore to have to slog away at something I love.

It shouldn’t be a chore, but getting back in the saddle and riding into the sunset can be tricky.

Anyway, enough of all that. I have written about it on Limebirds already, so please view that and fill your boots with my ramblings and witterings as you have so far done with this fine blog post.

The World

Since I last wrote, a few terrible and scary things have happened in the world. What – you want me to list them? Read the news. That does sound horribly rude of me now, doesn’t it? It isn’t meant that way. To be oblivious to the horribleness in this world would mean you have been living under a rock for some time and therefore would be unable to have an internet connection.

As writers, we assume a level of reader knowledge sometimes. Here, I’m presuming you have kept yourselves abreast of current world affairs.

Of course, one can easily see the argument for not reading the news. There are some terrifyingly awful things to behold therein. As a mother, I find myself feeling utterly guilty that I’ve had children and brought them into this horrible, terrible world with nutcases and vile peado’s hiding round every corner. I do all I can to protect my children, but there has to be a limit. I can’t smother nor stifle – it’s about finding that balance and hoping to which ever deity you believe in that you’ve brought them up to be smart and savvy.

Then there is the madness and horror that ensues after something terrible has happened – the baying for blood and retribution, the inability to change this terrible place, our terra firma…

A rather good thought came in recently from a wonderful actor and fellow science enthusiast, Mr Stephen McGann: “Beware all rage. Highly infectious and toxic, and it always destroys its host. Due process of law is vaccination, not vacillation”.

Or Even this from Fun Lovin Criminals frontman and BBC Radio DJ,  Huey Morgan about those who never let the bad times go: “Living in the past leads one damned to repeat it”.

However, I think learning from the past, rather than living in it, are the better options. Then there’s the further complication for those who are denied the basic premise of closure and justice, such as the brave and admirable families of the Hillsborough disaster. At last they can let their children rest in peace after being denied the ‘due process of law’ for so very, very long.

Hillsborough is something I could talk about for a very long time and you’d all get bored and shuffle off. So I won’t bore you. There are better, more qualififed people than me out there who can talk about it in a better, more articulate manner. Either way, it’s worth noting that I hope that the families get the justice they absolutely deserve and, as a Merseysider from a large Liverpudlian family (on my mother’s side), I completely support them 100%.

I digress. I think I’ve noticed the world’s horrors more due to having a lot of time on my hands of late, whilst been laid up for a number of weeks with illness. This, I suppose, adds to what Cognitive Behavioural Therapists might call ‘catastrophising’ – thinking that things are scarier and more terrible than they really are. Yet it has provided some reflection for myself. In conclusion of that self-lead discovery, I have to say that the bad in the world can actually help throw into sharp relief the good.

There really are some good people on this planet. Decent, hard working people. We all have our troubles, but we also have our good, loving, caring sides too. I don’t believe that the vast majority of people on this earth are monsters. I believe it is a minority and let us hope that they remain an endangered species for all of time.


Well, as stated further up, I’ve been away and achieved virtually nought. I’ve kept up twitter and given up on Facebook. Or ‘Faceache’ as my step-grandmother calls it. I’ve given up I suppose and left the management of my writing ‘like’ page to others. It’s not that I do not love thee, fair reader, just that I used it mainly for people from back home that I don’t see much anymore. Now I figure, everyone has my e-mail, address or phone number and at the very least, know my husband, so anyone who wants to genuinely know how I’m cracking on, can use one of those ways. It’s sounds petty in a way, but I feel a bit better without in my life right now. I may bring it back, who knows?

As to writing, despite not annoying my keyboard for a while, I have not stopped dreaming up ideas as to where to take older stories I’ve been working on and how to make new ones work. I have a mahoosive backlog of new stuff to be getting on with, which means I’ve no time to coach new writers at the moment. I probably won’t have chance to do that for another year or so to be honest – I’ve got a lot to do!


Family are grand, work is busy and I’m still recovering. Other than that, I can honestly say I have more to be happy and grateful for in life than to not be.

On another personal note, last Thursday was the 10th anniversary since my husband and I started seeing each other. For ten years we have been in each other’s lives and madly, nauseatingly in love. It’s no bed of roses, like any relationship, but fundamentally, we’re where it’s at. Seriously, we have genuinely been to hell and back together and made it out the other side stronger and deeper in love with one another. Why do I declare this so publicly? Because I’m proud. Because it’s testament to many that there are couples out there than can bloody well make it through the terrors and wilderness in life and come out the other side okay. So if we can make it… so can you.

Enough of my stalwart idealism and random meanderings! Begone! Be free! Write, read and love.

Be good to yourself and each other (terribly Jerry S of me and no messing).

Cat x


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  1. Mayumi-H says:

    Rad. 🙂

    Glad to see you’ve come out the other side all righty, Cat! Hope to see more from you in the coming months, too. 🙂

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