Knitting With Wool – And Words

I’ve recently taken up knitting under the guidance and tutelage of my fair mother-in-law.

I have no idea what the holy hell I’m knitting – I’m just really going for it. I envisage a Tom Baker length scarf at the moment… but in pink.

I find knitting to be one of the most therapeutic and addictive things to do ever. No, seriously, it really is! It’s a compulsion, I absolutely love it.

What this has all brought to mind is the fact that my writing is going by the wayside. During November when I was doing NaNoWriMo, I was finding writing compulsive and a huge obsession, but now, without the iron fist of a deadline looming, I’m just leaving my characters to it. It’s a very sad state of affairs to be in really. I lament it fearfully.

I need to seriously get it sorted. I have just got to sit down and knit – but with words, rather than wool (do you see what I did there?).

The story is pretty ripe at the moment and I have most of it all mapped out in my head. Instead of making notes on it though, I’m just going to go for it. Or at least, that was what I had wanted to do post NaNo.

It’s a New Years note to self thing – get ‘Every Other Thought’ finished in 2013, or at least a complete draft. That would make my life would that, a whole draft.

On Another Note…

Me, during my primary school days, around 1989
Me, during my primary school days, around 1989

Back at work post Christmas and New Year – and it’s woefully depressing. I’ve been back for a few days, but for other people, this is their first day back.

I have recently submitted my application for my daughters primary school. A very worrying thing as we’re all new to this whole process. Kid’s don’t come with instruction manuals and there’s no-one to tell you when you need to do things by or what’s the best thing to do. The council website has been rubbish and Ofsted’s site has been limited. Pooh.

I just hope we’ve gone for the right thing. Oh well, who knows? I’d say ‘it couldn’t be worse than my primary school’, but I really loved mine. I went to a little Catholic primary school in Sutton, St. Helens. Some of the best years of my life were there. I loved being a child at that school. Most of the time, some times were pretty rubbish too though :/

Anyway… I’ll see what my little girl gets. We don’t think we’ll get the first choice, but we’ll probably get the second and that got an ‘outstanding’ from Ofsted in its last full inspection. I know you shouldn’t go off Ofsted reports too much, but hey, they have to be doing something right.

Cat x


2 thoughts on “Knitting With Wool – And Words”

  1. Aww I love the tiny picture! I love knitting, and crocheting too. My mother in law re-taught me knitting after I forgot the process.

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