Here’s what we’re up to in the writing blog I belong to:

Limebird Writers

Well hello there dear reader, you’re looking most delightful today. New hairdo right? No, new top? No, I got it. It’s that lovely smile. Well, it’s dazzling me, you charmer you.

So, this post is just a bit of a catchup with the Limebirds, and what some of us busybees have been up to

Firstly, we’ve launched our own little project of 140 character stories on Twitter. Just for fun really. You can find us here-  @limebirdstories Please do come and follow us and share your own too.

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Book Published!

I’ve published a book! An actually book! It has pages and a cover and words in it and everything! It sort of feels like hypocrisy really... is it? I mean yes, I have been published (woot!), but has that now gone against my ideals of writing for love than money? I’ve said before that writing… Continue reading Book Published!