Victory! NaNoWriMo 2012

I have WON NaNoWriMo 2012 – if you follow me on twitter, you would have noticed me going on about it all the blummin time 😀

 NaNoWriMo 2012 WINNER

Here is the synopsis I posted with my NaNoWriMo story:

‘Every Other Thought’

Life – dull and joyless as it is – seems to be going to pieces for Kitty McGowan: her boyfriend, Cal, is selfish to an extreme and barely acknowledges her existence, and her admin job is by her own admission ‘soul destroying’.

Her small world suddenly bursts into light when a script she’d sent off as a bit of fanfiction from a long dead TV show, is going to the made as an audio drama.

The now hugely famous cast from the original show are recording the audio series, including the heart-stoppingly handsome, but frustratingly introverted Nick Eoghan. Kitty and Nick find each other impossible to keep away from, and, as their respective relationships disintegrate around them, they use the opportunity to find happiness with each other and give in to their desires.

… A dark, twisted shadow from Nick’s life refuses to go away; unable to have him but not wanting another to have him either, Nick and Kitty find themselves and those they care for in real, terrible danger. It sees them ripped apart as one of them must make a truly heartbreaking decision to save not only their lives, but the lives of those around them.

The only thing that cannot be killed, put away or forgotten, is the inescapable love they found together that cannot be destroyed and neither can forget or deny.

Is it enough for them to accept the harrowing truth of what they are to face, to save everything they hold dear?

Or is it too late?

You will of course recognise the names of the characters, the ones I’ve bleated on about for some time. You will also recognise the cliché’s in there (my favourites are : ‘give in to their desires’ and ‘or is it too late?”) too. These are the cliché’s I’ve found myself on the backs of novels I’ve read, which I thought were great.

I suppose I’m aiming for the story to be a bit romance-novel-meets-Nicci-French-after-a-few-pints-of-wine. That sort of thing. The pints of wine are, of course, what I’ll use to explain the lack of wonderfulness to my writing.

Despite WINNING NaNoWriMo 2012 (yep, get me, still going on about it), I have of course carried on writing the story. Fifty thousands words have covered about nine chapters and there’s loads to go.

I’ve gone for a stream of consciousness approach as I’ve written, one Virginia Woolf would be proud of. Whatever I’ve thought of has been poured into story. It’s not all worked, but it was just me getting it all down and will come out all tidy and pretty in the edit. It was lovely to just stop worrying about the damn content so much. I’d reduced ‘Every Other Thought’ to twenty thousand words a while back and the story looked very different. Nick started as an actor, then became something I couldn’t name that was a bit sinister, then back to being an actor again. It started in Liverpool, then moved to St. Helen’s and Northampton.

It will go to Liverpool, as that is where Nick is from and his sister Hannah, who I will be writing about in the next chapter, still lives there. He supports Liverpool, mainly because it was the team my late great and wonderful granddad supported and he thinks clichés about scousers, coming from woolly backs (people from the neighbouring town of St. Helen’s, where Kitty is from) are hilarious.

Nick is the main person, I think, in the novel and it has been wonderful to get to know him better. He is socially inept and, despite being an actor, struggles to express himself personally. He finds it easy to pretend to be others, but struggles to be himself. So, when he meets and falls for Kitty, he struggles to react in a, I suppose, ‘normal’ way. He comes across as a bit odd and manic, but it’s just how he is.

I’ve drawn from several muses and influences when writing him (quite a few appeared during the course of NaNoWriMo) which made me extremely excited as a writer. My granddad is the influence behind Nick’s hometown and heritage. My favourite actor is behind Nick’s appearance, voice and subtle insanity (this actor is fecking marvelous at portraying stark-staring insanity, but in such a subtle, clever way). People I’ve met and known over the years and the impression they have left on me have also gone into the mix in helping me find Nick. My husband, another huge influence in the creation of Nick too – the joy, the kindness he evokes in me is the same as I want to be found by Kitty from Nick.

I love writing Nick. He’s much older than her, but they click and I love that about them and how they do it. I love how they are together as a dynamic. I love how Nick just comes across in his professional life as this fantastic actor who can turn his hand to any role, but behind the scenes he’s completely bonkers, but on a subtle level. Love him.

I love the character of Mona, who I have yet to write. She is Nick’s best friend and ex-wife and they have two kids together who are now at University. They did the whole ‘fell out of love but stay mates’ thing – but really, really are. She’s fantastic fun and very down to earth, like Kitty’s sister, Kaz.

We’ve met Kaz earlier on in the novel and she remains Kitty’s one and only friend and confidante. Karen (Kaz) is a conglomeration of the friends and people I’ve grown up with – that St. Helen’s salt o’ bloody earth type of person that takes no crap and defends their own. Honest as the day is long and ferociously loyal. A dying breed of human being, sadly.

I’ve fallen in love with the story all over again and telling the story. I got too tangled up in getting it right, but it’s come together a bit and I love it.

My husband thinks that I should flesh out the bad guy, but said baddie doesn’t really come into the story properly until later. They’re no doubt doing the schemey baddie thing until then, I’m sure.

Lot’s of characters, all I love and and all seen through the eyes of Kitty. She’s precocious and wonderful, but she isn’t the star of the show, Nick is. He just shows her some logic and wisdom and she brings him out of himself. Ahhh.

I will stop gushing about my characters and novel in my post-NaNo bliss…. eventually…

At least it gave me the great hoofing kick up the backside I needed to get the damn show on the road!

If you were involved in NaNoWriMo, then I hope you did well, even if you didn’t finish!

I will be blogging on Limebird Writers soon – promise. This last month has been hell, but I will write-up another gripping post. At the moment, I need to finish gushing about my novel and I don’t want to do that on Limebird’s – bit too sad and too self-congratulatory!

Also, big huge hairy thanks to Limebird’s for being my cheering section and keeping me going, despite illness and stress from work!

Love you lot’s readers,

Cat x


5 thoughts on “Victory! NaNoWriMo 2012”

  1. congratulations, cat! although reading your summary has me pining for the finished novel. hurry and sew it all together so that i can buy it already, would you?

    1. ooh! Thank you! Means a lot… Well, am still hacking away at the coal face of literary abandon, so will let you know it’s progress via this blog 🙂 Thanks for dropping by and commenting 😀 x

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