Why I Hate Christmas

Ho Ho Ho! And those are the words that are usually uttered at lasses out on a hen night in Blackpool. But tis’ the season, the meaning of those words has changed. Unless of course, you’re from St. Helens in which case the former meaning is the usual one regardless of season and level of… Continue reading Why I Hate Christmas


My latest Limebird diatribe on language reclamation. I know, I should have gone off and researched it further, but I didn’t want to – limited time and that Beth one, she’s such a mean slave driver! Ha! Only kidding.
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Limebird Writers

The ownership and meaning of words is desperately important.

Of course it is – words are the key thing we use to communicate concisely and expressively with. There are of course other methods of communication at our disposal, but the others seem unable to contain the same impact of words.

Now, the importance of words, how they’re used, and their varying degrees can be debated until the cows come home, that’s not what I want to talk about. It’s the use of words in perhaps, a socially uplifting way.

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