Mad Month


Just a note to say I’m still alive and kicking and have of course not forgotten about this lovely blog. How could I forget you wonderful, lovely readery people?

It’s been a mad, mental and possibly certifiable month.

Work, sickness, a conference in York and of course, NaNoWriMo have kept me from you lovely people who read my blog. Or at least the people I fantasize that sit there reading it. I secretly hoped that my readership would exceed the capacity of people you could fit into Valley Parade, but alas, no! Valley Parade is of course the more traditional name of the home of Bradford City FC.

They face Arsenal in December and I’m very proud of them. They won against another premiership side, Wigan, to secure this sell-out bout against Arsenal. I can’t go to the game anyway, but will be bloody well looking forward to watching on TV… somewhere.

Anyway, I digress.

NaNoWriMo has been bloody amazing for me, writing wise. I’ve got about four thousand words left and then I win! Woot! I need to get them written TODAY, so this will be brief. I’ll post a blog about how NaNo has helped with my writing, but for now, I have to be rather short about it. If you are in the same position with only a few thousand words left, then chug on my friend!

I’m currently suffering from a chest infection. I have just the worst lungs ever, they become saggy and useless when I get a chest infection due to asthma. You can struggle breathing with a chest infection, but with this, you end up feeling like you have an elastic band round your lungs, stopping you from breathing as much as you want to. It’s horrible and I hope that, if you suffer from asthma too, you don’t get any bugs this winter that may make it worse.

I have had the flu vaccination, so hopefully that might ward off the worst of it.

I’ve also surpassed ONE THOUSAND VIEWS!! Woo! It may sound like a small number to you, but to me it’s ruddy fantastic. I’m cartwheelingly happy about it! I will try and do a big hairy thank you video for it soon, thanking you personally for putting up with my verbosity and vanity. It’s the least I can do.

Cat x


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