My 30th Birthday

Just felt a bit reflective now I’m all ancient! My life can be tracked through all the writing I’ve done over the years. From innocent childhood scrawls to more serious attempts at engaging more purposefully with the craft itself.

My most prolific catalogue is my poetry which would probably seem a bit contrived and tacky to the more discerning reader. To me? They show the struggles I’ve had and how I’ve come out the other side.

My move to prose has also heralded a change too.


Right, off to go cry in a cupboard mourning my 20’s.

Cat x


1 thought on “My 30th Birthday”

  1. Happy birthday! I felt quite depressed about turning 30 when I did, so I went jetskiing that day, which was the perfect thing to do to put things into perspective and make me feel better! I didn’t feel so bad about turning 40. I’ve heard other people say the same, that turning 30 is tough, but 40 is OK. Apparently 50 is a difficult one too, 8 years to go on that one for me…

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