My 30th Birthday

Just felt a bit reflective now I'm all ancient! My life can be tracked through all the writing I've done over the years. From innocent childhood scrawls to more serious attempts at engaging more purposefully with the craft itself. My most prolific catalogue is my poetry which would probably seem a bit contrived and tacky… Continue reading My 30th Birthday


Limebird Writers

I often write on Limebird about how I write and what my experiences have been with finding my feet as a writer.

To be honest, I’m still looking for them.

I can write an absolutely huge, all-encompassing swamp of wordage and find, after inspection, it amounted to nought.

Sometimes words can fly from me with devastating fury, as if an outpouring of passion is akin to creativity on a firm and foundational level.

That’s how I approach poetry. To me, poetry is a butterfly captured in a glass jar. A fleeting, tangling, tumultuous emotion that has been dashed down on paper and cannot be altered, lest you lose the emotive spirit of the thing.

No, with prose, it is harder. Abundantly so.

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