Poem: The Garden of Discontent

Hello all!

No, I haven’t abandoned you all!

I thought I’d share a poem with you all, one that I wrote many, many moons ago. Tis’ an angsty, or perhaps a sad lament as the last line would suggest. Either way, I was not a cheery chipmunk when I wrote this. It’s what I love about poetry: I can capture on emotion like catching a butterfly in a jar. It’s so cathartic and pure and wonderful. You can just snatch at how you feel and lay it there, raw and naked on the page.


The Garden of Discontent

Back to the garden of discontent

Back to the dungeon of despair

Down to resolute agony

Back to tearing-prying pain

Slink off before wondering eyes

Hide from the pain of loss

Watch again the flowers grow

In the season on lament.


Written 11th April 2003 when I was in my 2nd year of University. I was going through a rather trying, unhappy time (if you couldn’t tell). However, for me, written expression is not only a form of therapy when you are unhappy, but one of those ‘something good from something bad’ sorts of things.

Hope you enjoyed.

Cat x


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