Fighting On

I’ve had a headache all weekend long. The weekend before that, I was recovering from a virus that wiped out half the people I work with. The weekend before that I was very ill indeed with said virus.

This all leads to the awful fact that I do not have time to do much writing.

My mind has been keeping me entertained whilst I conjure up new and exciting ideas for stories. After reading Fifty Shades of Grey, I’m now fighting the urge to write more about the romance aspect of my stories. No, no mucky business. I’m still cringing over writing all that.

Nick and Kitty (my protangonists) are taking a new turn in their journey. I’m thinking of making their lives vastly more complicated than they already are. So, I suppose being poorly over several weeks has increased creative productivity a bit. Just not general productivity.

Veered off course a bit by writing a sci-fi fan fiction. I sort of needed to do that to have a break from the main haul of writing.

There are just too many things going on in my head right now and I really need to get them expressed into Word format.

The Olympics have been on, but of course, and that has taken up a lot of time too. I don’t really get sport in general, mainly because I’m unfit but have one of those metabolisms that have kept me at roughly the same weight since I was 22. I’ve really gotten into watching the Olympics on the telly and laughing at the occasional humorous comments made by the pundits. It was hard not to get excited on Saturday (4th Aug) when Team GB did so well.

The opening ceremony though… crikey moses, that was just frigging stunning. It was just a beautiful, epic piece of theatre. The music and the dancing was stunning. I even loved Brannagh doing The Tempest on a hill. Magical stuff. One of my mates from my acting days was in the cast too, so that was good to see. The Queen and James Bond, Rowan Atkinson, Macca, The Artic Monkey’s… it was belting. Really, really wonderful and I was very moved by it.

Worth £27 million? Well, 27 million people in the UK watched it, so that’s a pound each. I’d have paid a pound to watch it, so fair enough.

The games costing £9bn though. NO. That is not worth it. My brother, a serving member of the armed forces has refused to watch the games because he can’t condone the waste of money. Troops being laid off, the NHS on its arse and public sector jobs under threat and pay frozen and/or reduced. I have to sympathise. We don’t have £9bn to spare in this country and only the south east of the country will benefit, especially in the long term.

Sorry, off on a non-writing tangent there! Lol, oh well.

How about an aside about life in general? Well, for a bit of fun, I will relate a recent (very loud) conversation I overheard between my 3 year old daughter and my husband:

Daughter upstairs in the bathroom, husband downstairs in the living room.

Daughter:            Daddy?

Husband:             Yeah?

Daughter:            I’ve got some good news and some bad news.

Husband:             …. what’s the bad news?

Daughter:            I’ve done a huuuuuuge poo!

Husband:             ….. Ah. What’s the good news?

Daughter:            I’ve done a wee n’ all!

Ahhh, the joy of having kids ay? That cheered me up enormously!

I hope that has cheered you up. Now, although I apologise for the brevity of my post, I will now bid you adieu.

Thank you so much for reading my blog.

Cat x


3 thoughts on “Fighting On”

    1. Cheers Beth 🙂 My daughter is hilarious and the stuff she comes out with is just mental – love her! I’m always ill. I clearly have no actual immune system! x

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