A Room of Ones Own

This weekend, my husband and I decided to move about some furniture.

Being terminally strapped for cash, our free alternative to redecorating is often a bit of a jiggle about with what we have.

Yesterday, we moved the desk that was living in the junk room downstairs to where the fridge was, moved the fridge to where the shelving unit was and moved the shelving unit to where the DVD rack was and moved the DVD rack, to the junk room.


We had a lot of sorting out to do too.

Loads of paperwork and scrubbing things that haven’t seen the light of day for yonks.

I think we evicted several spiders.

Now I have my own little space in which to write. My lovely IKEA desk now lives next to my kitchen worktop, although still technically in the dining room.  I have places to write by both typing and scrawling. Even paint and draw. It’s wonderful.

It made us feel better about our situation too.

Our three year old is also pretty savvy on a laptop now, so it also offers a good space to keep an eye on what she’s doing on there as we busy about around her.

I personally cannot believe I have a computer savvy 3 year old who can’t even read yet! Amazing.

What about the importance though, of a space to write? How important is it?

I find it hard to sit in the living room or in bed writing. I get distracted, forget what I was doing and end up writing crap for hours.

Now I have a comfy little desk, maybe not so much the chair, to do some quality writing.

I know I’m going to end up moving in there in the evenings after some quality time with both the husband and daughter. I’ll have a blanket, candles and some soothing music and … type.

I’m on a diet at the moment, which is alcohol free, so I will be sans vino for a while. That will probably be something missing from my writing endeavours, I’m certain.

It’s okay finding the time to write, but I think it’s also about the space in which you do it. I would love to have my own little office and I suppose, if I really wanted one, I could. But I don’t. I don’t want to alienate my family. I want them to walk past me and say hi. I want them to feel like they can interrupt me and see what I’m up to. I won’t write to the detriment of my family at all, they come first.

I think I may well have solved part of the problem when it comes to being motivated to write by setting up a dedicated space. I have a lot of things that need to get written.

The novel aside, I have three short stories to write up (currently in note form) and possibly another novel. That one started as a short story that I just couldn’t stop writing the summary of and it ended up being a full on novel plan. Oops.

I also want to try and knuckle down to the mentor role, now I have a bit more motivation and spend some more of my ‘spare time’ doing that too. Spare time. Do mum’s ever have any? Well, I will find this out.

I only want t write when my daughter is in bed so she doesn’t feel like I’m ignoring her. Mind you, even if she is awake and I write (i.e. she comes down stairs for some reason) I don’t want her to feel alienated. I will happily scoop her up, pop her on my knee, swathe her in the aforementioned blanket and type with her cuddled in. Being  a mum is ace.

So, that was my weekend…


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