A Room of Ones Own

This weekend, my husband and I decided to move about some furniture. Being terminally strapped for cash, our free alternative to redecorating is often a bit of a jiggle about with what we have. Yesterday, we moved the desk that was living in the junk room downstairs to where the fridge was, moved the fridge… Continue reading A Room of Ones Own


Toe-Curlingly Embarrassing Stuff

Now, to be honest, I’m not someone who gets either embarrassed easily (having three kids and a host of Doctors and nurses prodding you in unthinkable places before, during and after birthing will do that to a person). Nor am I squeamish. I like to think I’ve lived a little. I’ve almost died twice too.… Continue reading Toe-Curlingly Embarrassing Stuff


Titanic’s Children

I originally wrote this blog over on one of my other blogs last year. This is my formal writing blog, for all the stuff that moves or annoys me personally, I blog anonymously elsewhere. Not because I don't want to own my ideas, it's because people who know you think you're aiming it at them… Continue reading Titanic’s Children