Expression is Vanity

Expression is vanity, I’ve come to conclude.

I’m writing this blog – who for? If it was just for myself, then I’d stick with the paper diary and hide it under something large and unmanageable. So why publish stuff for the public to see? Is it because I believe that for some reason, my life is worth the attention of others? That I am so interesting, so great that I warrant the attention of the general public? Am I under the delusion that my words and worthless wisdom will amount to anything spectacular and world-changing?

I suppose the explanation could that we express ourselves publicly, outwardly if you like, because there is simply not enough room inside the human psyche to deal with all the nonsense swimming around inside our minds. We have to vent, to channel, to bleed out the issue in order to move on and change. Should it matter that it is in public? I would say yes, to an extent. I suppose it is part of the collective experience and consciousness that we as a culture can have these streams of creativity burst forth from ourselves like fantastical light and to do so freely.

I value this freedom above many others – it is beautiful and ours and wonderful.

This would no doubt explain why I do not understand cultures that do not encourage self-expression or even disallow the freedom to do so.  Or, if they do, it is completely restricted to those a society ‘approves’ of based on rank, position, wealth, religion or gender. Just plain bonkers in my view, but that’s just me. Everyone should be allowed to free themselves of the spiralling restrictions of self expression and inward creativity.

I think we sometimes feel fit to burst with the bubbling, frothing wonderfulness buried inside us, effervescing under our skin.

Was that a poncey way of explaining it? Perhaps. I’m verbose and have a different way of looking at things. Perhaps in a contrived way, but that’s me I suppose.

Or at least the above is the lie I tell myself to feel justified in writing and wittering on…


3 thoughts on “Expression is Vanity”

  1. I think we all like knowing someone is responding to our work. (I get happy when I see comments on my posts.) Yet I am still introverted in some regards. I only share maybe a third of what I create. I write. I draw. I am addicted to photoshop. Most are little things for my own amusement. But the things I am really proud of, the mature, finished products, I share.

    I think my blog ‘Accidental Author’ is reflection of that.

    P.S. I support the message of your post.

    1. Thank you so very much for reading and posting a response!

      I’d say about 98% of the stuff I create never sees the public domain, but sometimes I think it is important that that teeny little bit does see the light of day. I think its tremdousl that the modern age has leant us such means as to allow us to be as free or conserved as we please.

      Thank you for your reply once again x

  2. That is an interesting question, and you have just given me an idea for another blog post, Cat. That’s twice in as many weeks!

    I have a very specific reason for blogging, and that’s to network and build relationships. I am typically a shy person, so to air my struggles has been a feat in itself.

    But I think there is a percentage of blogs out there that are all about “themselves,” and go along the route you’re talking about–that they assume their lives are worth the attention of others. There is no giving back in those blogs. They don’t return the favor, and I quickly lose my patience with them.

    Otherwise, I love reading about people and their experiences because I learn something. Either for my own personal life or for my work. Then I respond to that blogger to let them know they’ve written something meaningful to me. In that sense, we are building relationships because it isn’t one-sided and egotistical.

    That’s just my two cents.

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