Such a Wastral

I’m such a wastral right now.

Is that even a word? Wastral. It is now. It means wasting something. And I have. Time.

I need to get some writing done, but I keep getting the feeling that I’m chipping away at the same bit of the rock face. You know? Going over the same bit and chipping away at that instead of working on the rest of the piece. I think uncertainty is creeping in and I keep second guessing myself.

One part of me is shrieking – oh bobbins to it, just slap down a blummin draft and to hell with your insecurities woman!

The other part is going – you can’t proceed without properly ascertaining the motivations and ideologies behind these characters. They are hardly Heathcliff and Cathy and you ain’t no Emily Bronte. So know your weaknesses and re-work what you already have.

If this novel was a feminist, it would be very unsure as to whether it should burn its bra or not. It just cannot commit to its radical and free-thinking sensibilities.

I have nothing against feminists. I think I am one to an extent. Being female and that.

I’m a bit all talk and no trousers at the moment. I need to get a shift on but I’m intimidated by my own creation. That cannot be healthy. 

I think the first idea may just be the right one. Slap down what I have in my head, onto the page and then go back over it, refining and remodelling afterwards.

On a more positive note, I worked out the kinks in my short story which I published on here recently. That was great fun. I’m sure it is still flawed somewhere along the lines, but I don’t care. It spooked out my poor husband and that has to be enough, right?

I’ve blogged twice in as many days on Limebird, or rather, I have submitted twice to Limebird. Whether Beth likes what she sees and deems it worthy is of course another thing! One of the blogs is me highlighting the importance of wider reading and mostly moaning about being thirty this year. Something I am sure the rest of Limebirds and their readership need to know. The other one is a bit more substantial as it goes on about why I decided that writing was for me. I think I have written something similar, but on here. I would hate to repeat myself on Limebirds! I don’t mind repeating myself on here! Being a bit of a dozy one on here is okay.

Anyway, must do one.

Adios amigos x


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  1. 4amWriter says:

    I have soooo been there, Cat! Reworking the same scene over and over and over. You’re probably right in that you’re avoiding something to do with your story. The way I figure it, you’re probably avoiding whatever you are NOT working on. That one scene might be your safe place in the story, that’s why you’re stuck on it.

    Have you already established the problem/conflict? Do you need an action scene to go with it? Lots of times it is the inner story that messes me up, because my characters always seem to have more than one reason for doing things they shouldn’t be doing. So, I’m constantly having to check their state of mind before I go putting their thoughts/revelations/concerns down on paper.

    Action scenes tend to get me out of that writing whirlpool. And I’m sure you know that what I mean by action isn’t necessarily a car wreck or a bank heist–something has to happen that causes the characters to react. In essence, just move the story forward.

    Well, at the very least I am looking forward to your post on Limebird!

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