Back from the Beyond


Good morrow fair readers!

I haven’t fell off the face of the planet, I promise!

My writing has been rather neglected of late (oh the infamy!), which is not good. Like an artist not visiting his/her studio for weeks and letting the dust settle on the canvas.

My characters have been up to a bit in my head – mainly because Kitty’s story all kicks off in that week between Christmas and New Year, so she was definitely more in my thoughts than usual. I kept trying to capture her thoughts, her feelings at that time of year. The fun-filled family orientated time I had is the very antithesis of what it was like for Kitty. She had a very lonely time.

I’ve put the publishing of my poetry collection off for a while until I have had more opportunity to sit down and get more of Kitty and Nick’s story down on paper (or WordDoc!).

I’m so in love with these characters, but I need more time to sit down and get them down on paper so you can see how my enthusiasm for them is going. They are a wonderful pair and I think they are brilliant. I just need to develop them more too.

I’m being verbose. I had a read through what I’d managed to get down recently and I was spending thousands of words just dawdling along when it needs to be shorter, sharper paragraphs. I know I don’t write for an audience other than myself, but honestly, I am getting really annoyed with it!

Deep breath – let’s just get a draft down and then I can wring my hands in despair at the over-worded car wreck I have produced!


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