Bits of Loveliness – News Update

Two new insane movements in the realms of writing…

Buckle up kids – these are very exciting! Not quite pee-your-pants, but not far off!

Firstly, I am have been invited to join the sainted and most prestigious coven of writers known as ‘Limebird’ – that wily bunch of guys and gals that ponder upon such heady matters as the origins of our mother tongue to the individual methodology of dealing with criticism.


I’m a wee bit overwhelmed to have been invited into their hallowed halls, but feel strangely at home amongst my fellow wordsmiths. Saying all that though, I have yet to write my debut piece, so let’s keep the fanfare on ice for now!

Secondly – scary news.

My collected poetry works have been accepted for publication! Oh. My. Actual. God.

There’s something like 58 poems in total, chronicling my life from the ages of 16-24 in the form of poetry, telling the epic tale of how I have dealt with (or failed to in the majority of cases) the ability to organise my mind, body and soul within the ambiguous mess of adolescence. Love, heart ache, frustration, rejection, confusion, angst, hope, joy, delirium…. ah yes, they are all in there. It is the veritable epitaph of a young lady coming of age and dealing with the quagmire therein.

Or at least that was how I sold it!

I’ve opted for eBook publication in the first instance, but it is going to take me millions of years to get it ready to go up there.

Will I sell any copies? *shrugs* I don’t really care truth be told. It’s nice enough to be ‘out there’.

On a more random note though – I’m unsure what I’m more excited about: being published or getting an ISBN that’s all miiiiiinnnnnneeeee!!!

Told my husband about the publication, who then proceeded to look mildly confused for a moment and then went “oh, that’s nice darlin’”.


Right, off I go, back to the borders of reality from whence I came.


Don’t forget – you can follow me on Twitter! @Cat_Mercer


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