Poem: November Rain

You entombed my feet in concrete

Whilst telling me of the agonised water

You would eventually pour over me

‘Don’t leave me’ ached in my ears as the rain fell

I bowed and broke and lived until I couldn’t

As the rain came down


Solitary and suffered in an abandoned part of you

I simmer and freeze and smile and don’t

In my wedding dress of broken hopes to be born

A mournful wail from an untuned violin cried as

The water passed my eyes and ears

You turn choked but not bereft


Closing eyes make hope free from my lips last breath

And I awake in a shock in my own life as though alive

Like you had never happened


I kissed the ground of the heartless that day and

I lapped up the joy of my dull and containing life.


I wrote this on the 29th October 2004. I suppose I was taking a step back and reflecting on what I had gone through in the past 12-18 months and how grateful I was that I had dodged a particularly nasty bullet or three. I think ultimately, I was coming to the conclusion that I had been through the wars and had been granted a chance at being free from the things and the people who gave me cause to write this poem in the first instance. But that’s just me and my take on why I wrote it and what it contains. It’s up to you as the reader to decide what you think it’s about specifically and what it say’s to you.

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