Antagonists and Other Creatures

Oh big hairy bobbins.

Antagonists. The antagonist for my novel is so evil and crazed, that I haven’t thought much on him/her yet. I have this sort of notion that young Nick is sort of the bad guy, living in a world of ambiguous morality. I am aware though, of the malevolent presence of a sperate, more menacing entity that I must tackle.

I’m undecided about the end of the story – which is unusual for me. I usually have the beginning planned and then it’s the scary bit in the middle that requires my full attention and imagination that ends up thwarting me.

I have a lot of the middle and the beginning. It therefore begs the question – am I cruel or kind with the ending? If I were to be sensitive to audience opinion, would I therefore be swayed as to which ending I choose?

As I write for myself, then I know that I don’t a Sweet Charity style ending (the original one anyway). I am a sucker for a happily-ever-after. When people don’t get them, I walk away from a book with a cold, icy feeling in the pit of my stomach. I know that those poor characters only live on paper and that the end of the book, is essentially the end of their world.

There’s some responsibility, although only perceived, with being a writer.

I like Nick, despite his many flaws and questionable behaviour and I like Kitty for all her stubborness and vulnerability. I can’t just cast them assunder. I don’t want to leave them sad and lonely like distant stars in the night sky – fixed to a point and unable to be together…

Well you crazy kids, as my Dad would say, more writing, less gabbing.

C x


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